4 Ways Gutters Keep Your Home Safe (And Why You Should Care)

Apr 11, 2023Gutter Cleaning, Minneapolis, Roof Damage, Water Damage

A good gutter system is essential when it comes to protecting your home. If not properly channeled, rainwater can take a toll on your home and surroundings, like landscaping, soil, decking, and concrete. Even worse, it could contribute to water in your basement, mold in your walls, and shifting in your home’s foundation. To avoid these headaches, learn more about the ways gutters can protect your home and foundation.

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Gutters Protect The Walls Of Your Home

An efficiently functioning gutter system will allow any precipitation that falls on your roof to flow through your gutter system and into the ground away from the home. As the rainwater flows through your gutters it takes any organic material with it through your gutter system. This organic material, typically consisting of leaves, sticks, dirt, small branches, and other debris can get trapped or stuck, which can then create clogs in your home’s gutter system. If a clog in your gutter is overlooked for too long and grows large enough, water can leak over the gutter and down the side of the house, possibly seeping through the walls and even into your basement.

Gutters Keep Your Foundation Dry

It’s clear that water on and around your house can do serious damage and that gutters are there to mitigate the injury to your home that comes from rain and snowstorms. Not only do gutters keep water off the walls of your home, but they protect your home’s foundation as well. If your home’s gutter system separates from the side of the roof it can allow rainwater to fall off the edge of your roof instead of collecting in the gutters. If this occurs, rain can run down the side of your home and pool in your foundation, a serious and potentially very expensive complication. Gutters are particularly necessary for protecting your foundation if your home is at the bottom of a slope on any side where water will pool along the foundation, or if your home has little to no overhang.

Gutters Help Prevent Mold Damage

Gutters help keep the walls and foundation of your home safe from water damage, which means they also help prevent mold growth as well. Any water damage or part of your home that is damp for a prolonged period of time is susceptible to mold growth. Mold can not only cause deterioration of the walls and siding of your home but can present a serious health hazard to your family as well. Making sure your gutters are properly maintained so they can effectively keep water away from your home is one of the best preventive solutions to warding off mold growth.

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Gutters Help Keep Your Yard Safe

If your home had no gutters or your gutters weren’t kept in good working order, water would not only spill down your walls but would go wherever it wanted into your yard. Properly working gutter systems not only divert rainwater and snowmelt away from your home but also away from your yard. If water is not corralled away from your yard it can erode soil, ruin landscaping and create small, standing pools of water that can quickly become mosquito breeding grounds. (Learn why you should keep your gutters away from clogs and to avoid inviting pets on it!)

Don’t assume your gutter system is working properly without doing your due diligence. Make sure your gutters and downspouts are working and maintained to protect the foundation of your home! Contact Gutter Maids today and protect your home with fresh gutters!