11 Years of

Gutter Experience

Minneapolis’ Leading Gutter Cleaning Company

For over 10 years, Gutter Maids has been the most experienced gutter cleaning company in the Twin Cities. Maintaining your gutter system by keeping your roof and gutters clear of debris is one of the best ways to ensure a safe home. With our five-step cleaning process and 100% satisfaction guarantee, your gutters will be left clean and ready to stand up to Minnesota’s ever-changing weather conditions.

Since 2010 Gutter Maids has been a 5-star, family-owned and operated business serving the Twin Cities and surrounding areas. From seasonal gutter cleaning and high ladder work to vine removal, gutter inspection, and satellite dish removal, we offer a wide array of services to keep your gutters in top form and keep you safely on the ground. We have the ability to live track our teams to ensure our customers are never out of the loop or left waiting. Count on Gutter Maids to ensure your gutter maintenance is taken care of and your gutters last to their fullest potential.

Harsh seasons in Minnesota can raise havoc on homes, their roofs, and their homeowners. Gutter Maids is happy to keep our customers safe and happy by making this chore a breeze. Let our professionals take care of the high ladder work so you can stay safely on the ground.

When Gutter Maids is on your side, you don’t just get clean gutters — you also get peace of mind.

Our Accreditations

Gutter Maids is a proud member of the Minnesota Multi-Housing Association (MMHA).