What Lies Beneath: How Clogged Gutters Can Invite Pests

Mar 14, 2023Blog, Gutter Cleaning, Minneapolis, Pest Control

Pests are just what their name implies. Those little critters can be a nuisance, annoyance, irritation, and even a “pain in the neck”. Critters should remain in nature, not in, on, or near the homes we live in. We can, however, do things that inadvertently invite them to our homes. 

One such way is not taking care of the gutter system in a home. A gutter can be the perfect home for mosquitoes, ants, mice, birds, and even squirrels. What can we do as responsible homeowners to help keep these creatures where they belong? Clean out our gutters!

gutter cleaning, pest control, Minneapolis

Gutters serve as a lovely home for these pests by providing three essentials they need to thrive. 

  • Water Source – Due to the purpose of a gutter, there is a great deal of water collected in them. If leaves, branches, or any small debris is built-up in the system, it becomes an ideal place for moss to grow. This can offer an excellent source of moisture for any critter. 
  • Food Source – Pine cones, acorns, leaves, and twigs can offer a perfect source of food to a family of pests. Why would they go anywhere else when food and water have been provided so easily for them? 
  • Shelter – The third element needed for a comfy critter home is shelter. A clogged gutter can also provide that! They snuggle down inside and raise a family surrounded by food, water, and a nest just cradled by the strength and support of a gutter.

What can I do to make sure I am not a good host to these critters? Call Gutter Maids in Minneapolis for assistance in eliminating the problem of pests! We have a five-step process to ensure a properly working system for the homeowner and not the critters.  

Clear Roof

The first thing we do, after a full and thorough inspection, is clean off the roof. We must remove all branches, twigs, leaves, and dirt from the surface to ensure they won’t fill up the gutters anymore. Did you know you can avoid this problems by hiring an arborist to do the tree works to avoid tree branches and leaves that keeps on falling on your gutters.

Scoop Gutters

The next step is to fully clean out the gutters. This can be quite a challenge, considering the animals we may encounter. We could disturb squirrels, birds, snakes, bats, or mice. We could also have complications with ants, mosquitos, or roaches. Depending on how the homeowner has been providing them with a home, it could take some time to remove the debris and clutter. 

Rinse Gutters

This is an excellent step to get to, knowing the homes have been destroyed and they must find a new location. The water must flow freely and demonstrate that nothing will be limiting the passage of water. A hose is an excellent tool to use in rinsing the gutters out.

gutter cleaning, pest control, Minneapolis

Downspout Inspection

We don’t leave the downspouts out of the cleaning process! The water must flow through the downspouts with ease, or our job is incomplete. If we notice any damage done to the downspouts due to winter ice and snow, we must resolve the issue for proper water displacement. Nests have been found tucked away in downspouts, so cleaning them out is necessary.

Clean Up

The gutters are now clean and ready to perform their intended job effortlessly. We will remove all debris we have collected, and haul it away for proper disposal. (Read here how gutter guards are important to keep your gutter cleans)

Count on Gutter Maids to go the extra mile when it comes to cleaning and inspecting a gutter system in Minneapolis. You can gain peace of mind knowing the gutters on your home are there to remove water successfully, and not house the little critters and pests in the area. Give us a call today, and schedule a free estimate!