Do Gutter Guards Actually Work to Keep Gutters Clean?

Dec 26, 2022Blog, Gutter Guards, Gutters, Minneapolis

The gutter system in your home can easily be overlooked. They seem to just do their job, keeping the water flowing to the downspouts, away from your home, with such ease. We don’t think much about them until they don’t work. Cleaning gutters can be messy, filthy, and time-consuming. Not a top on our to-do list. What can make cleaning gutters a more pleasant experience? 

Gutter Guards! 

Gutter guards are a protective wired mesh usually made of aluminum wire or powder-coated steel wire, that goes over your current gutter system to help keep debris out. Of course, items can still fall through the mesh, but the majority of debris will find elsewhere to go. Deciding whether they will be useful to you and your home can best be determined by speaking with a professional.  

Gutter Maids in Minneapolis is just the voice of reason to ask! We have 11 years of experience maintaining gutter systems and have worked on hundreds of homes. Our team can advise you on the best system for your home. Some homes don’t do well with gutter guards, due to their location and surrounding vegetation. Gutter Maids can let you know if their system will work for you.   

Newly installed gutter guards in Minneapolis

What are Some Advantages of Gutter Guards? 

Avoid Clogged Downspouts 

As mentioned above, reducing the amount of debris in your gutter system is key. By having cleaner gutters, the water can freely flow away from the home and prevent future buildup, especially in the cold winters of Minnesota. Debris can cause water to collect, and in the wintertime, this can create an ice dam. Ice dams are horrible for the integrity of your roofing system. Preventing water and ice buildup by using gutter guards is a huge advantage. 

Easier Maintenance

When the homeowner or gutter cleaning service does not need to spend the time scooping out debris and leaves, time and money can be spent elsewhere. Nothing is fool-proof, and there is a possibility that things will collect, however, the amount is much less. 

Curb Appeal

Yes, something as simple as gutter guards can give your home a complete look. Plants won’t be growing out of the gutters when guards are used. Materials aren’t collected, looking disheveled and messy. A nice clean system can be seen even from the road. 

As with all things, there are some disadvantages.

Let’s take a peek at them. 

gutter guard full of leaves

No Perfect System

As mentioned above, there are no perfect systems when it comes to gutter guards. Items can fall in the mesh. Residue from old asphalt roofs can build up on top of the guards creating a mess. Things do happen. Regular inspection can resolve these issues relatively easily though. 

Slower Water Distribution

If the wrong guard is selected for your roofing system and your gutters, the water can flow slower, forcing it to spill over the edges of the gutters. Perhaps you have a pine tree near that drops its needles, creating a huge mess in your system. There is wisdom in speaking with Gutter Maids and selecting the best guards for your home. You can have peace of mind on your side when you speak with us.

Gutter guards are a simple addition to your gutter system that can easily be overlooked. Don’t wait any longer to call the professionals at Gutter Maids! They can assist you in finding the best system for your home and making gutter cleanup a breeze. 

Put those gloves and buckets away, stack the ladder back up in the garage, and call Gutter Maids for quick reliable service you can count on!