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  • Avatar Jeff Rulland ★★★★★ 9 months ago
    Nice folks. Scheduled for anytime during the week and they contacted me on Sunday (as promised) that they'd be here Monday. Gutters were bad and they hand cleaned them all and then cleaned up the grounds around the house of anything … More that might have spilled because there was so much debris to remove. Gave me a quick verbal review and answered a few questions for me as well.
  • Avatar D Hall ★★★★★ 9 months ago
    They were very responsive and placed my job on their schedule immediately. I really like the fact that I was not required to be home during the work. I am not as sure footed as I use to be, so paying a reasonable amount to avoid injury … More or death is well worth it.
  • Avatar Tara Benning ★★★★★ 9 months ago
    They’re reliable and they always do a good job. Thanks Justin and Andrew for your great work!

The Recommended Local Vine Removing Specialists in Minneapolis

Full of vines Minneapoli, MN

Climbing plants and vines growing on your siding and onto your roof may give your home extra character, but they are actually causing damage to your home. At Gutter Maids, we do everything we can to protect your roof and rain gutters, including removing overgrown vines. Whether you want those vines trimmed, cut, or completely removed, our team can take care of it. Even if your roof has hard-to-reach dimensions, we have the equipment and training to get the job done.

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Risks of Plants and Vines Climbing Your Home

It’s generally more beneficial to get rid of growing vines before they completely take over your home. A huge concern with climbing plants is that they will find their way underneath the cracks of your home’s siding and roof. When this happens, these areas of your home become cracked or loose. This affects the structural integrity of your house and can create several problems for your home.

Emergency Leaks

Vines will find their way into even the smallest cracks of your siding or roof, ultimately becoming open entryways for rain and water to get into your home.

Trapped Moisture

Thick layers of vines and leaves can obstruct sunlight and cause moisture to build up in the masonry of your home. Any moisture in the foundation of your home can lead to mold and rot.

Insects and Pests

Vines can be an attractive hotbed for insects. Once these bugs find their way on the vines, they will have quick access into your home and you will have a host of insect-related issues.

Fire Hazard

Dry vines and branches are highly flammable and a huge fire hazard for your home.

Roots and Tendrils

If your home has brick masonry, that’s where your vines will attach and grow. This will create cracks, holes, and damage within your bricks, affecting your home’s foundation.

Vine Removal FAQs

How much does vine removal cost in Minneapolis?

The cost of vine removal in Minneapolis depends on the size of the area affected and the amount of vines that need to be removed. Our expert team will evalutate your home and provide an accurate price quote for FREE. 

How long does it take to remove climbing plants and vines?
Vine trimming and removal can take just a few hours or it can span across days. This will depend on how deep and wide the vine growth is.
What is better: trimming or removing vines?
We recommend completely removing vines if there is risk of them damaging the structural integrity of your home. If there is overgrowth of vines in an area that is not affecting your home’s exterior or roof, then we can trim it down to protect surrounding trees and plants.
Do you haul away the leftover plants and vines?
Yes! Once we finish trimming or removing vines from your home, we make sure everything is cleaned up and hauled away.

Don’t let vines take over your house! Call Gutter Maids in Minneapolis today for a free estimate on vine removal. We’ll come assess your house and show you our plan for trimming or removing plant growth around your home.

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