Why Gutter Maids Are Better Than Gutter Guards

Apr 12, 2022Blog, Gutter Cleaning, Gutters

Keeping your gutters dirt and debris free can be tiring, especially when you live near large trees or in a windy city like Minneapolis or Saint Paul. Some homeowners have opted to install gutter guards along their gutter system to prevent their gutters from being clogged by things like leaves and twigs. However, while gutter guards have proven to reduce debris build-up in your gutters, they’re not a miracle tool to solve all your gutter problems.

These are some of the main issues you’ll experience with gutter guards.

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Silt And Dirt Deposits

While your gutter guards may keep out large debris like leaves, twigs, and branches, it’s still possible for silt and dirt to get inside your gutters. If you have gutter guards with small grate holes, this silt may build up and block these holes, which will prevent water from entering your gutters and defeating the entire purpose of your gutters.

Heavy Rain

If you have gutter guards installed on your gutters and your area experiences some heavy rains, there’s a chance that these gutters guards may deflect the water, leading to excess water spillage on your property. This excess water can get under your roofing materials and leak into your home.

Debris Issues

Gutters guards are meant to prevent large debris from entering your gutters and clogging them. While they can stop quite a bit of debris, what happens to that debris is that it gets stuck in your gutter guards. This will likely prevent water from entering your gutters and thus render them useless. They will also lead to moss and mildew forming in your gutters as this debris won’t wash away and simply deteriorate in your gutters.

This is why homeowners are better off calling Gutter Maids to clean their gutters instead of installing useless gutter guards. At Gutter Maids, we’ll make sure to remove all dirt and debris from your gutters and ensure that they are fully functional and capable of getting you through the summer. If your gutters are in need of some TLC, call Gutter Maids in Minneapolis today!.