Why Gutter Guards are NOT Maintenance Free

Jan 26, 2020Blog, Gutter Guards

Mike Braun: Good Morning, Mike here with Gutter Maids, we’re out at a multifamily property in St Paul. For all the homeowners thinking that buying these gutter guards that are maintenance free.. this is a big gutter guard, research LeafFilter. They get insane money for it. There’s no such thing as maintenance free.

Along with the other plain open gutters we’ve got to come out here and blow out for these guys, also these covers, we have to come out here and blow off.

I’ve heard this stuff retails from $25 to $30 a foot, but it’s still got to be cleaned!

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Call Gutter Maids to clean your gutters! Don’t pay an arm and a leg for gutter guards that are not maintenance-free.