When is the Best Time to Clean Your Gutters?

Jan 1, 2019Blog, Cleaners

At Gutter Maids we get asked all the time “when is the best time to clean my gutters?”.

That answer is hard — every house is different and every yard ( amount of trees and kind of trees) is different. What I mean by that is if you have a single story ranch style and large trees over hanging the roof your going to need Gutter Maids out more often then if you have a large 3 story home with shorter trees.

Another case is if you have pine trees vs maple trees or Oaks. With Maple trees and Oaks, you will need to clean your rain gutter more often than pine trees. The most common response I give our customers is, well at my house I clean them 3 times per season:

    1. In the early spring — as soon as the snow and ice melts
    1. Mid Summer — during the summer thunder storm season you want to make sure gutters are working properly and lots of tress drop debris by this time of year
    1. Fall — This is our busiest time of year and all I can say is don’t wait until the last second to call in, even if we can clean the gutters after 80- 90% of the leafs have fallen. The best thing to do is get them cleaned more often than not enough so you don’t end up with issues in the future.


Spring Rain Gutter Cleaning

The best time to get the rain gutters cleaned in the spring as soon as snow and ice has melted and your trees are done with their budding.

Some people may do this sooner then others but just watch the trees and your yard. If your yard is filled with tree droppings, then so are your rain gutters and a bunch of debris will have accumulated on your roof. When we do our spring gutter cleaning service, we start by blowing your roof off and getting all debris removed. Then we hand scoop all debris in the gutters into buckets and haul it away for you. Once done with that flush your entire gutter and down spout system you to make sure good and clean and ready for the rain.

We’re not done yet , we do a final clean up of any mess we made and let you know about any issues we may have seen with your gutters and down spouts or any issues we seen on your roof or while walk around your property. Let Gutter Maids make sure your rain gutters are completely ready to act as your rain water management system.


Call the Professionals Rather than Doing it Yourself

Gutter cleaning is not a fun chore for anyone, thats why 1000’s of homeowners, commercial property owners and property managers relay and trust Gutter Maids every year. At Gutter Maids we service the entire Minneapolis / St Paul metro area help these folks with this dangerous and nasty chore. At Gutter Maids, we have over a dozen years in the gutter business and use that knowledge and skill set to get your project done safe , on time and at a fair price.

Gutter Maids is a family owned company and has had the same techs for over 4 years. The owner, Mike, is working right with them day in and day out. We don’t hire a bunch of summer help and random workers to show up at your house. We want to keep it small and family based and keep our service number one. Most of our customers know me and our techs by the first name after helping them so many times. So when looking for your next rain gutter cleaning service trust and hire Gutter Maids.