What’s the Average Cost of Vine Removal in Minneapolis?

May 25, 2022Vine Removal

The average cost of vine removal from a home in Minneapolis is $300-$700 depending on the extent of the vine growth.

What is Vine Removal?

Climbing plants common to Minneapolis such as vines and ivy will grow anywhere, including up the sides of your home and onto your gutters and roof.  Vine removal is simply the act of getting rid of these climbing plants, either by trimming them back or removing them completely.

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Why Do I Need Vine Removal in Minneapolis?

The Chicago Cubs may be famous for the character the bricks and ivy give to Wrigley Field, but the fact of the matter is the character climbing plants might give to your home comes at a cost.  Unless they are being meticulously maintained and cared for, out of control vines can cause serious damage to a home over time.  When climbing plants take over your Minneapolis home, it’s time to call in a professional to either cut them back or remove them completely to protect the structural integrity of the home.

How Do Vines and Climbing Plants Damage a Home?

Vines and climbing plants cause damage to homes in Minneapolis in a variety of ways.  These plants are insidious and creep into every crack and crevice they can find.  When they’re allowed to take hold of a home, they can cause any and all of the following problems.


When vines climb their way up your siding and onto your roof and gutters, their offshoots will creep into every crack they find.  Each time this happens, small entries into the home are opened up.  Eventually, these cracks and holes will become large enough to allow water to infiltrate the home.  These hidden leaks can cause massive amounts of water damage to the home that will need to be mitigated.

Trap Moisture

Climbing vines will pile on top of each other, eventually blocking all sunlight from reaching the materials of your home.  This allows the vines to trap moisture against your foundation, siding, and roof which is a perfect recipe for mold proliferation and rot.

Fire Hazard

On the flip side of trapped moisture, vines can easily dry out when there isn’t enough precipitation.  When this happens, the vines become the perfect kindling for your home and create a massive fire hazard.

Pest Attraction

Like all plants, climbing vines and ivy are very attractive to insects and other pests.  With thick layers of ivy against  your walls, you’re sure to encounter a wider variety of insects.  These pest will then be able to follow along into the cracks and crevices the vines have created to gain access to your home leading to all of the associated issues.

Foundation and Masonry

The roots and tendrils of vines and climbing plants can wreak havoc on your foundation and any masonry you have in your residence.  Allowed to grow uninterrupted, they will create cracks, holes, and other damage within bricks and other stones.  This can lead to many problems for your home including water damage and, even more serious, instability in the structure.

While vines and climbing plants can look lovely and give your home unique character, they can also be very dangerous left to their own devices.  If you’re not intentionally maintaining your climbing vines and ensuring they’re being consistently and properly trimmed back to avoid damage to your home, they should be removed completely.  Alternately, you can hire and vine removal company to prune them and trim them back for you, so you have the best of both worlds.  The expert technicians at Gutter Maids can happily service all of your vine removal needs in Minneapolis to give you exactly what you’re looking for.