4 Tips to Prepare Gutters for Winter Weather

Dec 12, 2022Blog, Gutter Cleaning, Gutters, Minneapolis

As the chilling frigid winter approaches, we have a to-do list of things to check off in preparation. We need to put away the summer chairs and bbq, winterize the lawn mower, and make sure we have shovels or snowblowers ready. One small, but most important item that should make that list is cleaning out the gutters. Clogged and sagging gutters can become more damaged with snow and ice buildup. Make sure to be prepared for winter by following these four simple tips when it comes to gutter cleaning

Remove the leaves and debris from the gutter

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The falling leaves in Autumn tend to collect and accumulate in gutters. Squirrels, mice, and other small critters love to use this area for nesting material or as a new home. In some unfortunate cases, a squirrel can get stuck in a gutter or downspout and not be able to escape. This trauma can be minimized by keeping the gutter area clean of debris.

Inspect your gutters for wear and tear

Depending upon the type of gutter system you have, sectional or seamless, it is always wise to check the fasteners, corners and junctions. Double-check for any cracks or breaks in the gutter. As the winter progresses, melting snow and ice cannot properly drain if there are cracks or breaks diminishing the proper flow of the water to the downspouts. This is where icicles can form as the water refreezes, creating extra weight on the already compromised gutter. A simple repair in the fall can eliminate more costly repairs mid-winter. 

Realign your gutters

Along with inspecting the gutter itself, make sure the brackets are holding it up correctly for efficient water flowage. If it needs to be secured, this is the time to address that problem. 

Inspect downspouts

Staineless rain gutter with stainless downsprout

This is an essential part of your gutter system. The water could easily flow through the gutters attached to your home, but if there are complications with the downspouts, the whole system could fail to do its intended job. Your downspouts should extend 3 to 5 feet away from your home to ensure the water does not seep into the basement and foundation of your home. 

Along with these four essential guidelines for cleaning your gutter system, here are a few more tips: 

  • Examine the fascia, siding, and foundation of your home for evidence of a faulty gutter system
  • Always be safe and use wise judgment when on a ladder
  • Ask for a partner, spouse, or friend to be near when using a ladder
  • Install gutter guards 
  • Schedule a yearly inspection with a reputable company to double-check the integrity of your gutter system
  • Trim trees that hang over or near your home

Gutter cleaning is much like shoelaces. We don’t think about them much until we don’t have them. Shoelaces are the key to keeping your shoes secure. Much like a gutter system keeps your roof system working at peak performance. 

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