How Stormy Weather Affects Your Gutters

Jun 20, 2021Blog, Gutters

Your home’s gutter system is integral to ridding your rooftop of any excess water. During the dry seasons, your gutters are pretty much inactive. However, when the rain starts to pour down from the heavens, that’s when your gutter system is really put to the test. While your gutters are made to assist your roof when the downpour occurs, sometimes the bad weather can wreak havoc on your gutter system. If you live in an area that experiences frequent bouts of bad weather, then carry on reading as we detail some of the effects that stormy weather can have on your gutter system.


Intense Wind Speeds

We all know the significant strength that the wind has. When a storm passes over an area and brings with it wind speeds of more than 70mph, there’s little that stays fixed in place. Your gutter systems are on the front line when intense winds blow past your home. While specific gutter systems have wind ratings of up to 150mph, you can pretty much say goodbye to your gutters if they haven’t been installed correctly and regularly maintained.


Debris Accumulation

When the colder weather sets in, trees tend to shed their leaves, needles, cones, and other types of foliage. If you have a large tree looming over your home, chances are this foliage tends to fall on your rooftop and gather in your gutters. When an excessive amount of vegetation and debris collects in your gutters, it prevents the effective drainage of water. This water is thus stuck on your rooftop and in your gutters, adding significant weight to your roofing structures as well as encouraging the growth of mold and mildew.


Significant Downpour

While the purpose of your gutters is to transport water away from your roofing system, when your home is exposed to large amounts of rainfall, the strength at which the downpour occurs can ultimately damage your gutters, leading to them weakening and eventually breaking apart. It can also lead to significant leaks, which would render your gutters incapable of efficiently transporting water away from your home.


If your gutters require cleaning in preparation for the stormy weather, give Gutter Maids a call today!