Hearing Noises In Your Roof?

Jan 10, 2022Blog, Gutters, Roof Problems

All homes have their own unique sounds. These sounds are often due to the materials which make up your home expanding and contracting.

However, they are other external forces contributing to your home’s natural harmony. Some of these include the ticking of a clock or alarm system, the rattling of leaves and branches of nearby trees, or sometimes even scratching or a pitter-patter in your roof.

All these sounds can be quite soothing, except the scratching and tiny footsteps in and around your roof. You may have a pest infestation problem if you hear these sounds in your roof, gutter system, and surrounds.

Pests in your roofing system can cause significant damage to your roofing and gutter materials. They can cause breakages, mold growth, foul odors, rot, and attract even more pests. If you think that pests may be the cause of the noises in your roofing system, these are the four most likely culprits.


Birds often use rooftops and gutters as a place to build their nests. However, they may end up breaking off pieces of your roofing materials to build their nests. Their droppings can also cause a foul odor in your home as well as mold growth.


Rodents are the most common roofing and gutter system pests. These nasty creatures tend to burrow, feed and breed in your roofing system. Rodents often carry dreadful diseases, so their presence in and around your roof is not something that you would want.


Chances are, if you’re able to hear insects in your roof and gutters, there’s probably an entire nest of them. Insects nesting in your gutters are pretty common, but this can be quite dangerous, depending on the insect.

Bees, wasps, and spiders can crawl into the interior of your home and can sting or bite you or a member of your family.


Snakes are ectothermic, which means that they don’t produce enough body heat to keep them warm and thus are pretty much always in search of spaces to keep them warm. Some great warm spaces include your gutters and your attic.

As great as this is for snakes, this is not ideal for you and your family. Snakes can be dangerous, especially if they’re venomous. They’re also likely to bring their ‘food,’ which may consist of dead rats and mice, into your home, leading to the spread of dangerous diseases and illnesses.

To protect the health and longevity of your roofing and gutter systems, it’s best to call animal control and rid your home and roof of these nasty pests.

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