Some Reasons To Avoid DIY Roofing And Gutter Work

Jun 26, 2022Blog, Gutters

If you’re a homeowner that loves to tinker with things, we’re sure you’ve gazed up at your rooftop a few times, thinking that tackling a roofing project wouldn’t be that hard. Well, we’re here to tell you that looks can be deceiving.

The roof of your home is a complex system. It consists of several parts that require specific attention. To work on your rooftop, you need to know how to navigate the roofing system, which section to tackle first, how different materials work together, maintaining your balance up there, and more.

It’s pretty easy to not only injure yourself up there but damage your roof as well. That’s why we’ll never recommend you try to DIY your home’s roofing system. Roofing work takes years of experience to learn and even more to perfect.

If you’re still adamant about repairing your roof or tidying up your gutters, here are some reasons why you should think again.

Avoid DIY gutter installation

Permit Violations

In some states, doing any contracting work requires a permit or a license. Roofers and contractors can obtain these permits in different manners.

Some states require that you pass a written test; others are issued based on the amount of experience you have, whereas others can simply be bought. You can be dealt a hefty fine if you’re caught working on your rooftop without any permit or licensing.

Insurance and Warranty Voids

If you’ve decided to work on your roof and something goes wrong, you risk losing your roofing system’s warranty, and your insurance company may not cover the damages. Your warranty and insurance are in place to protect your roofing system and ensure that should anything go wrong, you’re still financially protected.

However, legally, they cannot protect your roofing system if someone without a roofing permit or roofing experience works on your roof and ends up damaging it. In their eyes, the homeowner was negligent and thus resulted in a void in both your insurance and your warranty.


Rooftops can be pretty steep. When roofers and gutter cleaners are up on your roof, they use special safety equipment, like hardhats, harnesses, safety nets, etc., to protect them from potential injuries. Not only that, but when they’re up on your roof, they know where to step, how lightly to tread, and which spaces to avoid to prevent causing any damage to your roof and injuries to themselves.

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When homeowners attempt to repair their roofing systems or do any type of work that high up, they end up injuring themselves or creating a more significant roofing issue. Knowing what equipment to use and correctly navigating a roof and gutters come with years of experience. To save yourself money and time, hiring a roofing professional or professional gutter cleaners for all your roofing and gutter maintenance needs is best.

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