Preparing Your Gutters For the Fall

Jul 30, 2021Blog, Gutter Cleaning, Gutters

Fall is the time of the year where trees and plants lose their flowers, leaves, cones, and more. It is one of the messiest times of the year, especially when you have large looming trees on your property. While these trees provide excellent shade during the summertime and add tremendous curb appeal to your home, they’re a nightmare when the cold weather sets in.

At Gutter Maids, we believe that taking care of your gutters is an important part of keeping your home looking good and functioning well. With Summer coming to a close, now is the best time to get your gutter system ready for the cold weather.


Clean Away Debris

The rain and wind are sure to have dumped some dead leaves, pine needles, and all sorts of other gunk into your gutters over the seasons. As professional gutter cleaners, we at Gutter Maids will make sure to remove all debris from your gutter system, as this can add tremendous weight to your entire roofing structure and can eventually lead to the degradation of your gutters.


Remove All Algae And Mildew

Algae and mildew grow quite significantly during hot and humid weather. You must remove these organisms as they can drastically deteriorate your gutter materials. Their ugly appearance can also affect the curb appeal of your home. Luckily these organisms are easy to remove so that your gutters can return to their former glory.


New Gutters

If your gutters took quite a beating during the summer storms and harsh sunlight, it may be time to install a new gutter system. Frequent winds and rainfall can cause gutters to bend, twist, sag, or even break off completely. Replacing your gutters can give your home an incredible facelift and improve your roof’s drainage system.


Fix All Issues

If your gutters sustained any damages, such as holes, leaks, or missing pipes, now would be the best time to see to all these repairs because your rooftop will not survive till next Summer without a functioning gutter system.


If your gutters need proper preparation before Fall, don’t hesitate to give Gutter Maids a call. Our professional gutter team guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.