How Moss Damages Your Minneapolis Gutter System

Feb 26, 2022Blog, Gutters, Minneapolis

Homes in areas with high humidity levels tend to struggle quite a bit with moss growth on their roofing systems. And you may be thinking; it’s just a bit of moss and that it’s not a big deal.

However, while moss growth may look good on some fairytale cottages, in reality, it is capable of causing significant damage to your home’s gutter system and can impact the health of your family. As a leading Minneapolis gutter cleaning company, we’ve seen just how drastic the impact of moss growth can be on your gutters.

If you still don’t believe us, keep reading as we detail the causes and impact of moss growth on your gutters.

growing moss on gutter system

The Causes

Moss is a non-vascular flowerless plant that grows in humid, damp environments. They can grow pretty much anywhere; all they require is surface area and moisture. They often grow in large green clumps and spread to pretty much wherever their spores land.

Gutters provide ample space for moss to spread and grow. And because gutters have small little nooks and crannies, these moss growths can often go unnoticed before becoming a big issue.

You’re probably wondering how they end up in your gutters in the first place? Well, moss spores are microscopic plant matter, which means that they are easily transported through the air before landing neatly in and around your gutters.

Moisture is vital to their livelihood, so they soak it up to sustain themselves and encourage growth whenever they come into contact with any water or moisture.

Now we all excess water or moisture in your gutters is unwelcome. So when a plant organism is not only retaining this moisture but spreading it throughout your gutter system, you may encounter some issues.

Gutter Issues Caused By Moss

Separating Your Gutter Components

Moss can grow pretty much anywhere, even between the different sections of your gutters. This growth can weaken the integrity of your gutters over time. If enough moss can grow between the different parts of your gutters, it can lead to your gutters separating and water leaking all over your property.


Moss holds on to water and moisture to survive. If moss is thriving in your gutters, chances are it is retaining any water and moisture that comes into contact with your gutter materials. This constant presence of moss and moisture can spread to your soffits and fascia, causing them to rot.


If moss has grown between your gutter’s joints, it can lead to these gutter components separating. A separation in your gutter system means that water can leak through these gaps and drain all over your property. The leaks can find their way into the interior of your home and damage your property.

If you think your gutter system has a moss growth issue, then give Gutter Maids a call today!