How Frequently Should Your Minneapolis Gutters Be Cleaned

Apr 23, 2021Blog, Gutters, Minneapolis

Your home’s gutter system is in place to ensure the effective drainage of water from your roof. Standing or pooling water is capable of causing damage to just about any material; therefore, you may think that you have durable roofing and gutter materials, but they’re unfortunately no match against long-term standing water.

The best way to make sure that water drains away from your roofing system is by regularly maintaining and cleaning rain your gutters. If you’re not sure how often your gutters need to be cleaned, let Gutter Maids help you.


Homes With Large Overhanging Trees

Homes with large overhanging trees are highly susceptible to branches, leaves, and pinecones collecting all over your roof, especially in your gutters. These leaves and branches can block any water trying to pass through.

Water-soaked debris adds significant weight to your gutter system, which can lead to them breaking off or growing harmful bacteria. Homes with large overhanging trees need to have their clogged gutters cleaned at least every two months to ensure that their roofing and gutter systems are in good condition.


Homes In Windy Areas

Things like leaves and debris are light and easily flung into the air, especially in areas with high wind speeds. These leaves and debris tend to settle on high points like balconies and rooftops.

If your home is in a windy area, you may be no stranger to your gutters being clogged by gunk swept in by the wind. Make sure to flush out your gutter system every six months so that your roof and gutters are not bombarded with dirt.


Homes In Snowy Areas

While gutters and downspouts are designed to effectively transport water away from your home when that water is frozen, it makes things a lot more complicated. Significant snowfall or icy water adds tremendous weight to your gutter system and sometimes forms ice dams. This weight places your gutters at risk of cracking or breaking off completely.

Your gutters cannot transport water away from your home as any water that comes into contact with the snow may just end up freezing again. It’s essential to clean your gutters at least once a week during the snow season to keep your gutter and roofing system in good shape.

If your gutters require a drastic cleaning, please don’t hesitate to give the 5-star rated gutter experts in Minneapolis a call today!