Unusual High Ladder Work Problems

Oct 24, 2022Blog, High Ladder Work

Many homeowners don’t have high-reaching ladders. For ones that do, climbing atop a ladder without taking proper safety precautions is extremely dangerous. Instead of putting yourself in an uncomfortable position, let Gutter Maids in Minneapolis help you. Our experienced and expert employees have the training and equipment to scale roofs regardless of the slope or angle.

High-Ladder Problems

As part of our services, customers will want us to do some things that require getting up high on a ladder. Most people simply do not want to risk getting hurt. Thus, whether it’s a task as simple as changing a light bulb or cleaning gutters that are two to three stories high, we’re happy to offer High Ladder work, among our services. Our customers’ safety is among our highest concerns, so we’re willing to assume the risky positions that ladders can offer.

There are plenty of tasks that require homeowners to access high, hard-to-reach areas in their homes or on their roofs. Many of these tasks require a tall ladder, which you may not have. Here are some of the most common ways Gutter Maids can help.

Minneapolis, MN High Ladder Work experts

Bee Hives

Often you’ll find bee hives nested in spots that are high up on a house, easily spotted but not so easily reached. At Gutter Maids, we’d be happy to use our ladders to reach out and spray them, keeping you safe from potential swarms and the perils of falling.

Changing Light Bulbs

Light Bulbs are designed to go out sooner or later. If you find that you can’t reach your light fixture, buy the bulbs and call up Gutter Maids. We’d be more than happy to install it for you.

Chimney and Roof Photos

It’s hard to get a read on the condition of your roof without taking a close examination. Gutter Maids can climb on top of your roof, and supply you with pictures to check out the condition of your roof and chimney.

Patching Holes

Is your roof riddled with holes in all of the places that are out of reach and out of mind? Allow Gutter Maids to patch up all those hard-to-reach holes that allow rodents and bugs to access your home.

Toys Off the Roof

Whether you have baseballs in the gutter, crashed drones on the roof, or a large branch wearing on your shingles, our trained professionals can retrieve or remove any objects that you can’t get to yourself, no matter how big or small.

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Vent Inspections

There are a number of different vents that can be hard to reach, including dryer vents, soffit vents, air vents, and plumbing vents. To get a look at how each vent is holding up, call us to bring some high ladders over and snap you some pictures you could never get from the ground.

For homes that have high roofs or landscapes that make it hard to secure a ladder, it’s best to leave the high climbs to the experts. When you don’t feel safe using a high ladder for any task, don’t worry. Gutter Maids has your back!