Doing Winter Gutter Cleaning

Jan 10, 2019Blog, Gutter Cleaning

At Gutter Maids our phone doesn’t stop ringing all year long. This year old man winter came a little early and brought us some harsh weather. This late fall / early winter wasn’t the snow, it was temperatures that were below freezing. Right around the 2nd week in November the lows were in the low 20s and highs barely made it over freezing. When everybody sees the high for the day at 32 or 35 degrees and think the rain gutters can still be cleaned, they unfortunately can’t.

When it gets that cold, the gutters freeze solid and if the high is 35 thats at the end of the day and the gutters and down spouts are done for. We tried to clean some gutters in Minneapolis one of our last days and the high was 38 and the gutters were still pretty frozen in most spots at the end of the day. If you’re in dire need to get them cleaned this time of year of after they’ve already frozen over, the only way is call somebody that removes ice dams. They can heat the gutters up and clean them for you.