Best Gutter Types for Minneapolis Residents

Feb 28, 2021Blog, Gutters, Minneapolis

People often underestimate the importance of gutters in your home. It’s easy to understand why, when there’s not much rain, there’s really no use for them. However, when the rain comes pouring down, you want to be sure that your gutters are in excellent working condition.

The importance of quality, professionally installed gutters cannot be overstated. They are vital for enhancing smooth water run-off, thereby preventing moisture and debris accumulation on the roof’s surface, which is often the beginning of more severe roofing problems.

At Gutter Maids, we go above and beyond to ensure that your gutters are well maintained and in perfect working condition.


Best Gutter Types for Minneapolis Residents

Minneapolis’ climate is relatively moderate from June to August. Everything is green, and the city is beautiful. November-Mar is Minneapolis’ snowy season. While locals and tourists alike revel in the beautiful, white snow, Minneapolis residents’ roofs and gutters can take quite the pounding by the downpour.

When dealing with snow and the gutter issues related to snow, you want a solid and sturdy gutter system that can survive the weather’s onslaught. During this type of weather, the best gutter material is aluminum, steel, and zinc.


Aluminum Gutters

Aluminum gutters are easily one of the most popular gutter types in Minneapolis and across the US. This is due to its strength and durability when it comes to holding large volumes and withstanding heavy snow loads.


Steel Gutters

Equally as durable as aluminum, steel gutters are also an excellent option for your home’s gutter system. They are better at resisting dents caused by hail and falling objects and are super resistant to rust. For these extra benefits, though, they will come at a higher cost than most other gutter types.


Zinc Gutters

Zinc gutters are made up of 99% zinc with minor amounts of copper and titanium. Much like aluminum and steel gutters, zinc gutters are solid and durable. But what makes zinc gutters great is that as the gutter weathers down, a protective layer of patina forms over the structure. The patina has anti-corrosive properties that protect the gutter from further damage. The zinc gutter has a much longer lifespan than other gutter systems and requires minimal maintenance.


Half-Round Gutter

Half-round gutters, as the name suggests, is a semi-circular gutter design. The design allows snow to move to the middle of the gutter, channelling it down the gutter system for disposal. The half-round gutter design used with zinc further assists the snow’s movement through the gutter system.


K-Style 30 Degree Gutter

The K-style gutter has a flat bottom and curved sides. This design prevents runoff from occurring and ruining the walls of your home. Made from aluminum, the K-Style is about 5 inches wide, which allows a decent flow of snow through your gutter system.

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