11/11/21 – Blizzard Warning Issued For Minnesota

Nov 10, 2021Blog, Local News, Minnesota, Storm Damage

A blizzard warning has been issued for Minnesota, which takes effect from 6 pm Wednesday 11/11 to 6 pm Friday 11/12. The blizzard warning was issued as a result of an intensifying storm moving over the Minnesota area.

Witches of November

A trough of low pressure was spotted making its way over North and South Dakota. Weather professionals are unsure of the exact strength of the storm but have warned that residents should brace themselves for strong winds, heavy rains, and up to 6 inches of snow, commonly referred to as the “November witch.”

November 11, 2021 Blizzard Warning Issued For Minnesota

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Soaking rains have already started to wash into Minnesota. This snow is set to mark the first accumulating snowfall of the winter season, officially ushering Minnesota into the cold season. This weekend, Minnesota residents will also experience some of the coldest air so far this season.

This time of year is notorious for some of the strongest winter storms in the Midwest. The “Witches of November” pack a cold, and miserable punch.

Winter Preparation

Considerable snowfall can negatively affect your home’s gutter system, especially if they’re already clogged with dirt and debris. Snow accumulation combined with the weight of debris can lead to your gutters bending and breaking under the pressure. Having clean, functional gutters are essential for your Minnesota home to make it through Fall and Winter. Your home’s gutters are responsible for efficiently draining excess water away from your home’s roofing system. If your gutters are incapable of effectively draining water, it could lead to roofing damages and water leaking inside your home.

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