Property Management Companies

Jan 30, 2019Blog

On January 29, Gutter Maids went to meet with 5 different townhouse communities to chat with them about their gutter cleaning needs. When starting the meeting, our ears are on trying to dial in what their needs and expectations are. It just so happens that all communities are after the same thing — and thats why they seemed to call Gutter Maids.

They are after a company that will be there when they say they will be there, do a good quality job, not send out a bunch of amateurs and to treat their homes and residents with respect. That’s exactly what we do.


What Property Management Companies Are Looking For

We take so much pride in making sure all jobs are done to these standards and beyond. Gutter Maids has been a top choice for all multi-family and apartment building gutter cleaning jobs for years. We have done work for most of the property management companies in the metro and they seem to call us back every year. These companies are looking for what we offer: service service service.

They like to start off with good communication, emails or phone calls. These properties managers or communities want to know the work will be performed and most importantly by whom. Then a time frame of when the work will be done weather permitting with a follow up when the work is complete. For many companies it’s so hard for them to dial this service in, but for Gutter Maids we nail it on the head 99% of the time. All we do is listen to what their needs are and then solve them.

These simple tasks are what sets Gutter Maids apart from our competitors in Minnesota. Have a multi-family or apartment building that you need help with? Call Gutter Maids today!