Debunking Common Gutter Cleaning Myths

Aug 12, 2021Blog, Gutters

When maintaining and cleaning your gutters, there are certain do’s and don’ts that are important to follow to ensure that your roofing system functions correctly. Without knowing the appropriate procedures, you may end up damaging your gutters, roof, or worse, hurting yourself.

At Gutter Maids, we have spent years learning the craft and skill of gutter cleaning and high ladder services. Over the years, we’ve come across a wide range of gutter cleaning methods that work and several that don’t. These are some of the common gutter cleaning myths that you may have come across over the years:


Moss And Algae Are Surface Issues

To the untrained eye, you may be fooled into thinking that you can quickly wipe away any moss and algae growth from your gutters, and it’ll be as good as new. What you may not know is that moss and algae are highly destructive organisms. They reproduce and spread pretty quickly and are capable of weakening your gutter system if not removed quickly enough.


Gutter Stains Are Caused By Dirt And Pollution

Gutter stains are a common occurrence, especially on older buildings. You’d be forgiven for thinking that those stains are dirt and soot that has accumulated over the years. Gutters stains are most likely caused by the growth and spreading of moss and algae. These organisms thrive in warm, moist conditions, and your gutters are in constant contact with water to make their growth possible.


Anyone Can Clean Their Gutters

This is a common misconception and one that usually ends in considerable damage to your gutter system and often yourself. Not knowing what you’re doing when cleaning your gutters and simply ‘winging’ it can cost you hundreds of dollars to professionally repair what you may have broken. You could end up sacrificing any warranties that you may have in place.


You Can Use A Power Washer To Clean Your Gutters

Power washing your gutters is ok for some roofing materials but not all. Sturdy materials can handle the pressure of power washing, while other, weaker materials can be damaged and broken apart by the force of the water, especially if you’re unaware of the techniques that are used by professional gutter cleaners.

Before you tackle a gutter cleaning project, be sure to consult with your gutter cleaning company first. Give Gutter Maids a call today for your free roof estimate.