04/22 – Spring Storms Surround Southern And Northern Minnesota

Apr 20, 2022Local News, Minneapolis, Storm Damage

While everyone around the country spent the last couple of weeks welcoming in the spring weather and enjoying the slight increase in temperatures, Southern and Northern Minnesota residents had to take cover from the severe spring storms shaking up the area. The storm threats began on April 12th, near the Twin Cities, where a line of thunderstorms started rolling in. Residents were told to prepare for severe storm conditions and expect some roof and property damage.

In the southern parts of Minnesota, several towns and cities were placed on tornado watch as wind speeds began to pick up drastically. In Faribault, nearly a dozen semi-trucks were toppled over on Interstate 35, which led to a prolonged road closure. Residents were warned to minimize any long-distance traveling as conditions outside were less than favorable for travel.

In Northwestern Minnesota, blizzard-like conditions descended upon the area and left several towns and cities covered in a blanket of snow and hail. Much of the area was placed on winter storm watch as conditions worsened. In Canon Falls, residents took to social media to document the hail pelting down on their homes, causing quite a racket on their rooftops.

Several roof damages were reported across the state, with homeowners losing shingles, gutters being torn off homes, and trees crashing onto rooftops.

Two tornadoes touched down in Southern Minnesota, near the Iowa border. The first tornado, an EF-1 tornado, made its way through Spring Valley. The wind speeds of the tornado reached speeds of up to 100mph. Residents were urged to go underground as the tornado destroyed several farm buildings. The second tornado, an EF-2 tornado, made landfall in Taopi, in Mower County and caused significant damage to the area. The storm’s 135mph winds damaged many homes, farm buildings, and commercial buildings.

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