Why to not buy gutter covers

This is a fun subject to talk about, maybe in the 100% right situation gutter covers maybe be worth it but we haven’t found that yet after almost 15 years. Cover, screens, helmets , foams, micro mesh, Home improvement store DIY covers. There are 100’s of them on the market and there is No such thing as 100% maintenance free gutter cover. These fancy fast talking sells man get paid high dollar to tell you there cover works better than the next guy. At Gutter Maids We service 1000’s of systems every year and see every cover on the market, theres a reason the home owner is calling us, and here we are taking off the spendy cover system that work so well!!

Here's a look at the types of damage that can be caused by gutter guards.

  • Cost-We figure if you buy from a big name brand cover we can clean your gutter 2 times per year for 10 years.
  • Maintance-Gutters still have to be cleaned, debris build up on cover and in gutter.
  • Steep Roof -Covers can’t keep up with heavy rain on steep roofs.
  • Inside Corners-High water volume area on your roof and covers can’t keep up. They are also a great debris collection area.
  • Pest Hotel -Pest such as mosquitos, frogs, birds, bee, wasps, squirrels… love it inside the cover.
  • Roof-All roofs and gutter covers should debris free before winter.
  • Over Sold-Customers are told never clean again then its to late and water coming in.
Many say never, Haven’t you heard that sales pitch “ never clean your gutter”. We say if you think there may be an issue have Gutter Maids out to see. A gutter cleaning and inspection is a lot more affordable than water issues. On the other hand if you can’t see up there or don’t think there are any issues we would highly recommend getting them fancy gutter covers a cleaning and wash down every couple years. Besides the gutters and the gutter guards you don’t wanna go into winter with debris all over your roof, this can create lots off issues. We highly suggest making sure your roof and gutters systems is always clean and can handle what ever good ol' Minnesota will throw at us.

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