Vine Removal

While lush green vines growing up the sides of your house and onto your roof may give your home character, they can create a number of issues that could be damaging to your home. Especially for your roof and rain gutters. Whether you want your vines trimmed or cut and removed completely, we can take care of it. At Gutter Maids, we’re experienced in rain gutter cleaning, high ladder work, and vine removal. Even if your roof features some hard-to-reach dimensions, we have the ladders and training to get the job done.

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Our Five Step Process

Look at the Project

We come to your home and examine the vine growth. Then we provide you with an estimate before moving forward with the project.

Plan and Expectations

We show you our plan for trimming or removing the vines, and illustrate how your home will look upon completion.

Remove Vines

In this stage, we remove all the vines you require in a safe manner so to not harm your home.

Clean Up and Haul Away

Depending on the size of your vines, there could be a big mess of dead plants once we’re done. Upon completion, we ensure that all of the plants are cleaned up and hauled away.

Address Any Issues

Once we’ve finished the project and have cleaned up, our customer let us know how we did. If anything went wrong, we get it fixed to ensure you receive 5-star service.
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It’s generally more beneficial to get rid of the vines growing on your home than allowing them to continue to grow and eventually take over. One of the worries with climbing plants is that the vines will find their way underneath the shingles and tiling on your roof. When this occurs, the shingles and tiling can become loose. Not only does this affect the structural integrity of your roof, more importantly it creates gaps through which rain and other precipitation can enter your home. Moisture within the loft of your home or an attic space can lead to mold and rot. Making matters worse, the vines hold a lot of water, which can cause damage to any timber elements of your roof structure and even brickwork. If the climbing plant begins to cover skylights or other windows, you could find yourself suffering from a lack of natural light entering your home – not to mention a reduction in the ventilation properties of your windows.

Risks of Climbing Plants & Vines

  • Trapped moisture-Thick layers of vines and leaves can obstruct sunlight. A lack of sunlight lowers the temperature and increases the buildup of moisture, both can affect the masonry of your home.
  • Fire Hazard-Dry vines and branches are flammable and create a fire hazard for your home.
  • Insects-Due to the moisture they collect and their lush surface, vines can be an attractive hotbed for insects. Once these bugs find their way on the vines, they will have quick and easy access into your home, creating a host of insect-related issues.
  • Roots and Tendrils-Climbing vines need something to grip onto as they grow. If your home has brick masonry, that’s where your vines will attach. Vines can create cracks and holes within in the bricks as they grip and grow, creating headaches down the line.

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