High Ladder Tasks

There’s plenty of tasks that require homeowners to access high, hard-to-reach areas on their roof. Fetching a ball, clearing away a falling branch, cleaning out gutters, and plenty more. To do most of these tasks, you’re going to need to use a ladder to gain access to your roof. Many homeowners don’t have high-reaching ladders. For ones that do, climbing atop a ladder to work on your roof is a tricky task that can be dangerous. Instead of putting yourself in an uncomfortable position, let Gutter Maids help you. Our experienced and expert employees have the training and equipment to scale roofs regardless of the slope or angle.

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High Ladder Jobs

Change Light Bulbs

Patch Holes on Cedar Siding

Roof & Chimney Pictures

Toys Off the Roof

Check Vents

Homeowners can certainly clean their gutters themselves, but it is a task that is time-consuming and requires having the right equipment. Especially for homes that have high roofs that require long ladders to access the rain gutters. Using a ladder can present some challenges for home owners trying to clean their own gutters. Safety is of the utmost concern, and anytime you’re climbing a high ladder with the proper experience or security measures, there are safety concerns. For homes that have high roofs, or have landscape arrangements that create challenges for securely positioning a ladder, a great route to take is to leave the high climbs to the experts. Don’t have a high ladder or don’t feel safe using it to clean the gutters on your home? No worries, Gutter Maids has your back!

Here's a look at five common tall ladder problems

  • Change Light Bulbs -Light Bulbs are destined to go out sooner or later. If you can’t reach your light fixture, buy the bulbs and Gutter Maids will install it for you.
  • Patch Holes-Gutter Maids can patch up hard-to-reach holes that allow for rodents and bugs to access your home.
  • Roof and Chimney Pictures-It’s hard to get a read on the condition of your roof without taking a close examination. Gutter Maids can climb on top of your roof, and supply you with pictures to check out the condition of your roof and chimney.
  • Toys off the Roof-Whether you have baseballs in the gutter, crashed drones on the roof, or a large branch wearing on your shingles, Gutter Maids can retrieve or remove any objects that you can get to yourself.
  • Vent Inspection-There’s a number of different vents that can be hard to reach including: dryer vents, soffit vents, air vents, and plumbing vents. To get a look at how each vent is holding up, have Gutter Maids bring their high ladders over and snap you some pictures themselves.

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