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Here in Minnesota, our unique climate provides us with a full slate of weather conditions. The drastic and often harsh weather we experience in Minnesota forces our rain gutters to work overtime. It’s important that homeowners make sure to give their rain gutters all the care they require to ensure their gutters remain strong and functional. One of the best ways to keep your rain gutters in tip-top form is by having them cleaned at least twice a year by experienced and knowledgeable experts like Gutter Maids.

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Our Five Step Process

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Clear Roof

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Scoop Gutters

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Rinse Gutters

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Downspout Inspection

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Clean Up

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Over time, your gutters will accumulate a fair share of debris, such as leaves, twigs, and dirt. While these items may seem harmless, when they build up in your gutters they can obstruct the flow of water. When the water can’t be channeled through your gutters as designed, it will compile and take aim on your home. Some of the damaging side effects of clogged gutters include: Rotted Wood, Leaky Roof, Water Damage Within Your Home, Insect Infestation, Damaged Foundation, Damaged Doors, and Other Structural Damage to Your Home.

Here's a look at the types of damage that can be caused by clogged gutters.

  • Clear Roof-When we take on a gutter cleaning job, we start with the roof. A good deal of debris, and dirt that clogs up your gutters rolls down from your roof. That’s why we start by clearing your roof of leaves, twigs, branches, and dirt buildup before we examine your gutters.
  • Scoop Gutters-After we’ve cleared away your roof, the second step in our gutter cleaning process is to scoop all the junk out of your gutters. Using secure and adjustable ladders, we can reach any height of rain gutter and dig out all of the stuff potentially clogging them up. Once we’ve completely emptied your gutters of debris, we’re ready to move on to the third step.
  • Rinse Gutters-Once we’ve removed all the buildup in your gutters, our team will thoroughly rinse the gutters out to take care of any dirt or grime that might have been left behind. Things like dust, dirt, tree sap, and pebbles can stick in your gutters and be hard to remove by hand in stage two. By rinsing your gutters out with water none of those things will be able to stick around.
  • Downspout Inspection-After we’ve rinsed out your gutters, the cleaning process is completed. However, Gutter Maids isn’t finished quite yet. We also conduct a thorough inspection of your downspouts to make sure that the harsh weather conditions haven’t caused any disruptions in functionality. Sometimes wind, ice, and snow can cause the downspouts to move slightly or become unhinged. If we notice any minor issues we’ll fix them up for you, and alert to you any potential leaks or holes we find that call for further attention.
  • Clean Up-By step five, your gutters are looking brand new and are clean and shiny. Before we take off, we remove and haul away all of the debris that we pulled off of your roof and out of your gutters.

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