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The feedback from our Customers is mixed. We get requests to have the vines taken 100% off the house or business, to trim them back around the roof and windows or to only remove them from one side of the house. Gutter Maids is here to serve you. Whatever you’re looking for, we can accomplish.

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Common opinion on the ivy debate is that getting rid of it is generally more beneficial than allowing it to take over. There is always a worry with climbing plants that the ferns will find their way under the shingles and tiling on your roof, often pulling them free. Not only does this affect the structural integrity of your roof, more importantly it creates gaps through which rain and other precipitation can enter your home. Obviously, this creates issues when it comes to damp within your loft or roof space, leading to mould and rot setting in. Ivy holds onto a lot of water, which can cause damage to any timber elements of your roof structure and even brickwork. If the clambering plant begins to cover skylights or other windows, you could find yourself suffering from a lack of natural light entering your home – not to mention a reduction in the ventilation properties of your windows.

Here's a look at the types of damage that can be caused by climbing plants

  • Trapped moisture- A thick layer of vines and leaves can leave little room for sunlight to shine through. This dark and damp environment traps moisture next to or on the surface of the masonry.
  • Insects-Vines can be home to many insects; unfortunately, these climbing plants can give bugs and pests direct access to your home, wood trim, and siding.
  • Fire Risk-Dry vines and branches are fire hazards around your homes mechanical vents and chimney.
  • Roots and tendrils-Climbing plants need something to grip as they grow; for vines growing onto masonry, their roots and tendrils can create cracks and holes in the bricks and mortar as a way to grip and grow.

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